Thursday, April 16, 2009

No Way But Subway

If there's a sandwich chain I patron most frequently, it's got to be Subway. Everything from the bread to the sauce and fillings is pure delight, but as it is with sandwiches, it can get pretty messy with things spilling out with each bite. It's funny how I'd just a couple of days ago remarked that there ought to be an eating contest where contestants have to eat a burger or sandwich within a stipulated time frame and the one to do so leaving the least mess wins! Perhaps Subway might want to take up my idea. Pity I failed to share that with our guest in The Living Room today - Raphael Chan, Country Director of Subway.

But this dude sure has his plate full, what with the 66 branches across the island. And before the week's out, it'll be the opening of #67! The way he spoke about having to have regular and unannounced audit checks at the outlets for food and service quality and hygiene reminded me of a school discipline master who needed to make sure all was in order and in conformity with the rules.

Given the limitations of time we could accord him on our show, here are exclusive blog factoids that farther acquaint us with Raphael Chan. I suspect that last bit on 'pet love' was in reference to Pamela and myself!

Fav. Day of the Week
Saturday, as it would be the only time in the week I have time for myself. I drop my son at my in-laws and my wife works. So I'll a choice of spending some time on outstanding work or just laze around or do some DIY work at home.
Fav. Movie
"Malena" because Monica Bellucci is so beautiful and sensuous. Also, the movie has many elements that interest me: (i) Italy in its war years (ii) the adolescent years as a boy and (iii) how being beautiful can be a liability
Fav. Role Model
Lee Kuan Yew. I'm not being political her and I'm not taking sides. I think MM (Lee) has attained a status that's revered by all parties. Because I belong to a generation that lived through the transition of our nation's independence (I was born two years before 1965), I recognise that if the person at the helm did not have the vision and forthrightness, the next generation will not be able to benefit from the efforts of the pioneers and the country cannot go from strength to strength.
Fav. Social Media Network
Facebook, so that friends and relatives can keep in touch and watch my son grow.
Pet Love
People who are soft-spoken and good natured. It's very calming to be with them and to spend good time with them.

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