Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Win tickets to Broadway Beng!

Stand a chance to win a pair of tickets to watch
Broadway Beng -
Jiak Liu Lian!

Three pairs of tickets to be given away to
3 lucky listeners of The Living Room!!!

How To Win:
In no more than 100 words, describe your most intimate affair with durians and the great lengths you've gone to pursue the King of the Fruit!

Email us at
by 5pm on Wed, 25th Nov!
Please include your full name, IC number,
mobile number & postal address

Winners will be notified by email.

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The Living Room has featured almost every instalment of Broadway Beng (now in its 4th year) and Sebastian Tan never fails to deliver. Maybe because it's hardly an act for him, after all, there's a 'beng' in every one of us. Seb praised me for recognising that 'fact' when I made that acknowledgement on air. It's true isn't it?! I step on the gas (when challenged) to prove my wheels are worthy and capable of providing horsepower good for a full gallop. I roar over the din (in Hokkien) to order my drinks in a noisy coffeeshop. I never say die and am always ready to act tough.

And that about sums up the undertaking of highly-acclaimed film director Royston Tan, who makes his directorial debut of a theatre production with Broadway Beng: Jiak Liu Lian by The Dream Academy. Royston has you know that he's been having a whale of a time working with Sebastian whom he deems as being 'very funny'. Zhun bo?! I thought that was stating the obvious, but while the two have never worked together in any film or stage production prior to this, their roots go back to the Music & Drama Company while both were serving their National Service. Back then, Sebastian was always up front and on stage while Royston was, according to Sebastian, the 'technical guy'. Not much has changed has it?

But fast forward to 2009, Royston's got multiple movie credits to his name and awards under his belt, and these will surely be perfume powerful enough to mask any pungence wafting from the durian themed husk in this upcoming latest production of Broadway Beng.

A few words from director, Royston Tan:

I'm a fan of Broadway Beng and even watched the first instalment twice (in 2006)! It is very rare for a film director to be given the opportunity to direct a stage production so I'm very excited about the possibilities...Bringing a fresh perspective to this show is something I am really looking forward to. I think the experience gained from working on my fil, 881, will come in handy.
Broadway Beng: Jiak Liu Lian
Esplanade Theatre
3rd - 12th December 2009
Evening performances: 8pm; Weekend Matinees: 3pm
Tickets from $18 - $86 through SISTIC or call 6348-5555.

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