Monday, November 02, 2009

Are you ready to R-U-M-B-L-E???!!!

That's Stanley in the ring at the Wrestling Federation of Singapore, a sitting duck for any wrestler to toss him outside the yellow circle. Stan and I decided to visit the bright and breezy premises of WFS and were greeted by Vice-President of the Federation, Jimmy Taenaka or 'Jimmy T', as this martial artist-cum-actor's more popularly known as.

Who says wrestling's only for the professional? Unlike wrestling as we know it through television, this one's for real and not as rowdy. In fact, it's less intimidating because everything happens on the mat. And the objective is really to knock, push or toss your opponent out of the yellow circle. So the safest place would be in the red circle in the centre of the mat. Obviously, I thought I had Stan where I want him (under my feet!), but err... it's just for the camera. You're supposed to throw your opponent OUT of the yellow circle to score a point.

We were also privileged to meet WFS's Head Cooach Sergei Beloglazov from Russia. Don't mess with this guy because he's a 6-time World champion and twice Olympic gold medalist

This weekend allows you an excellent opportunity to check out what wrestling's all about. The Chinatrust Charity King/Queens of the Mat 2009 takes place at the premises of the Wrestling Federation of Singapore (102 Upper Aljunied Road).

If you're bitten by the wrestling bug, why not take it up as a new sporting activity that engages both the muscles of your mind and your body.

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