Friday, October 30, 2009

Win A Copy of 'Travel Safe - A Survival Guide to Medical Safety'

If you've booked your flight for your year-end holiday, you will find this title most beneficial to pack along. Best if you read it ahead of time to take all the necessary precautions to ensure a holiday where you're able to keep in the pink of health and enjoy every moment of it!

To win a copy of Culture Shock! Travel Safe,
leave a comment & your email address in the Comment box.
Tell us how this book will benefit YOU!

The book's written by our guest in The Living Room today,
Dr Paul Zakowich and is published by Marshall Cavendish
(retailing at $27.50, before GST).

Three copies to be given away!!!

Leave us a comment and your email address. Winners will be contacted by email.

Congratulations to Mona and Ruth for being the first two entries in!
One more copy to be given away...could it be YOU???


imtyrojournalist said...

I am that of those who fall sick occasion to flu, cold.
I will be going Australia in Feb next year to further my studies. Being the youngest child in the family , I guess it rather painful for dad to let me go aboard and learn alone. what the more H1N!1 is now world pandemic

This book well enable to learn keep myself fit while adjusting to a new environment with different culture and climate. I am sure stay healthy is better we could to our loved ones.

Anonymous said...

Cheerio Stanley
I have just listened to your conversation with Dr Zakowich. His practical tips will add to my scanty knowledge on travel safety knowledge, which will equip me to share with friends and family. Does this merit your consideration for me to obtain the book?

Insomniac ton ton, good night.