Thursday, October 01, 2009

Stanley does Pole Dancing?!

We found out about pole fitness for men from fellow DJ at Lush 99.5, Lavinia Tan. She challenged Stan to try it out, and being the 1st class journalist that he is, he couldn't turn down an opportunity for a story ~ no matter how embarrassing.

So we went down to Jitterbugs Swingapore one Friday evening. I must tell you Stan was nervous and distracted all day... *chuckle* I, on the other hand, was in high spirits. I didn't know what to expect, but I was going down to video my buddy & be in a class where a group of sweaty men were doing pole dancing. What's there not to be happy about? *grin*

The class begins. I must admit Stan surprised & impressed me. He did very well actually! *gasp* One of the important skills of pole dancing is wrapping one's legs around the pole - in an upside-down position - and to keep oneself up there... then to release both arms.

But to practise this move first - since it's dangerous upside-down - instructor Linna Tan told the guys to lie on the floor first, wrap their legs around the pole, and to hoist themselves up. Whoa, watch Stan go!!!

Sorry, my bad. I was filming Stan in "portrait" mode on my camera. Little did I know that when I upload the vid, it appears like this. But tilt your head lah! It's worth the crick in your neck...

Finally, he's upside down! *applauds* Now release your arms, buddy...

I'm so proud of Stan! He did a great job, don't you agree? *applauds* I would've totally chickened out if I had to say try the *ahem* lap dance, especially in front of Stan with a camera. So kudos to my buddy! He sucked it up & did it ~ all in the name of Journalism!

As the guys were cooling down, instructors-in-training Gordon Lai & Jon Fong demonstrated how it's supposed to be done...

Is that impressive or what? *winks* It really requires a load of skill, technique & core muscle strength. It's almost like gymnastics!

Well, Linna, Jon & Gordon were on our turf today as guests in The Living Room, and we had such fun recounting our experience at Jitterbugs!

Pole Fitness for Men @ Jitterbugs Swingapore: [from top] Jon Fong, Gordon Lai & Linna Tan.

If you're interested to try out pole fitness for men, or Jitterbugs' other classes, click here. I hear they're starting a sizzlin' hot class for women in lap dancing! *raises eyebrow*

But lest you get any ideas, I may not be as 1st class a journalist as Stan!

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