Wednesday, October 21, 2009

MobJet to dethrone Twitter?

If you're a Twitter user and find the 140 character limit a bit too restricting, you'll be excited to hear about MobJet. Not only is there no limit to the amount of text you can "jet", you can also post photos, videos, audio, documents etc ~ basically anything you can attach to an email, you can post on MobJet!

All you need to do is to send an email to, and voila! it's up on the website for all to see. You don't even need to pre-register or be a member. And it's 100% free.

I took this picture with Founder of MobJet, James Skinner and just posted it on MobJet. Go look for it at! *wink*

Creator of MobJet, James Skinner, in The Living Room!

What a passionate man! I love the guy! He has set up 30 companies operating in 35 countries, lived 22 years in Japan prior to coming to Singapore four years ago, and recently published a book on love. And he is an inventor at heart. The last we heard, MobJet already has 184 patents to its name... and counting!

Well, if you're keen to check out MobJet, there's a launch party tomorrow night, 22 Oct @ The Arena (Clark Quay), 7pm to 10pm. Get details here. You'll catch 98.7FM DJs Shan & Rozz, as well as Singapore's most famous blogger, Wendy "XiaXue" Cheng there...

And James wasn't the only good-looking dude in The Living Room today. We had 4 others ~ what a field day for yours truly! *chuckle*

With all the recent hype about a certain beauty pageant contestant who was slammed for her poor command of English and a credit card fraud, Stan felt we should bring back some dignity to the whole beauty pageant thing.

And so my buddy arranged to have some beauty pageant contestants of a different kind come in today: Mister Singapore 2009 Nelson Lee, as well as 1st Runner-Up, Tang Jin Wei and finalist Sid Hamid.

These are young men with promise and lofty dreams. Nelson is a qualified scientist, currently working part time as a swimming instructor and model. The biomedical science undergrad has an ambition to develop a drug or cure for a disease. Jin Wei or "Tank" is a fitness instructor with dreams to be an actor, and Sid (my personal favourite!) is a paediatric occupational therapist. Let's hope these guys do us proud & bring some credibility back to Singapore pageants!

Alan Sim (founder of Mister Singapore Organisation) with 1st Runner-Up Tang Jin Wei, Mister Singapore 2009 Nelson Lee, and Sid Hamid.

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