Monday, October 26, 2009

Blogging About Bloggers

This is a pretty neat entry because the tables are turned on the professional bloggers. Can you imagine putting words together to form sentences, making a point, an observation or a remark, uploading photos and videos and being paid to do all that?! This is reality for our guests in The Living Room today.

So the question is - why aren't Pam and I being paid to blog? Would it help to draw suitors in the form of advertisers if I reveal we're both trained and schooled in journalism? Or should we join to see some money rolling in? Hmm....

Nuffnang loosely translated from street talk refers to having 'enough cool-ness'. They're Asia Pacific's first and leading blog advertising community and they enable advertisers to place graphic and video-based advertisements.

'nuf about them, now about the star bloggers who sat in front of me from left to right. There was 'blondie' Wendy Cheng (more popularly known as Xia Xue) who openly admits to being an attention seeker. Her bleached hair was most striking - something she didn't lay claim to the first time I'd interviewed her on the same show back in 2003 when she was just starting off. But her eyes remained steely just like the first time, so too her fiery determination to be heard, seen and read. Xia Xue's achieved that! She's the lass behind Singapore's hottest blog, boasting more than 20,000 unique visitors daily!

The real angmoh seated beside Nuffnang's co-founder and executive director Cheo Ming Shen is Pheobe Montague. Phoebe is a fashion blogger from Australia who manages Outside of weekends, says she blogs daily. Looks like bloggers work five-day weeks too! The 'sandwich pattie' (complete with melted cheese) slapped between the gals is popular Malaysian blogger Rin Tan who goes by the moniker, Cheesie. Her blog, began with her obsession for, you guessed it, cheese. And though she claims to have come off fermented milk products, she said she wouldn't be changing her blog name anytime soon. So if you're obsessed with say, cabbage, you better secure that URL before Rin beats you to it. But then again, she made it clear on air that cabbages aren't her current obsession. I wonder is. Butter?

Coming back to why they blog, some are in it to make a statement or to be an opinion leader, but almost always, there's money to be made. As for Pam and I, we're simply passionate about the purposeful and positive power of words and the responses great heartfelt writing can generate in you, the reader.

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