Monday, October 05, 2009

STOMPers Perform with Tic Tac Boxes!!!

Stan & I have been looking forward to STOMP since we heard about it months ago. Such a amazingly talented group of people who can use the clutter & junk of everyday life to create pulsating rhythms. We're talking about bins, tractor tyres, even a kitchen sink!

But WHAT IF we brought the STOMPers into the 938LIVE studio, and challenged them to create something from nothing? Using just what's in the studio, or on themselves?

That's what we did today, when we invited 4 of the 8 STOMPers in for a chat. Meet brother & sister team Nigel Clarke & Simone Clarke, Keith "Wild Child" Middleton and Fraser Morrison...

Half of STOMP: [L to R] Nigel, Fraser, Keith & Simone.

Seriously. Check out what these guys did with some Tic Tac boxes on them. It will totally blow your mind!!!

STOMP '09:
Fresher Faster Funnier
8 - 11 Oct
Esplanade Theatre
Tickets thru' SISTIC

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