Friday, April 02, 2010

Seafood & Cocktails by the Sea...

Do you enjoy seafood? What about cocktails?

OK, here's a proposal for you: Why not, on your next date with your special someone, head down to East Coast beach to enjoy a scrumptious seafood spread & top-notch cocktails by the sea? Think balmy evening. Al fresco. Sea breeze. At a restaurant that's posh yet laidback.

Sounds good? Well, it sure did to me! *LOL*

That's why on Monday - though I was technically on leave - I accepted 1 Twenty Six 's invitation for a media food tasting. I wasn't sure what to expect except that the cocktails would be good, since 1 Twenty Six is (after all) the sister of One Rochester, where we recently held our colonial cocktail workshop!

It was cool & drizzly when I got to Playground @ Big Splash at 7pm. Getting there is easy if you drive, but you'll need to cab in if you don't. Just look out for Carl's Jr and 1 Twenty Six is beside it.

Well, I'll let my pictures do the work from here on. As they say, "A picture's worth a thousand words". ENJOY!!!

The whole al fresco "jardin" concept reminded me of One Rochester, where we had our cocktail workshop recently.

My colleague Justine & I went together. Pity Stan couldn't join us. He had to be in "top form" for his upcoming tennis tournament!

The Nibbles Platter! Potato skins with sour cream & ocean trout caviar, Homemade cod brandade with grilled brushetta, Steamed vongole clams w a garlic & herb crumb, Crispy soft shelled crab with chilli mayo.

The Coast Platter! You can "upgrade" the communal set with this starter if you like. It has tiger prawns, crab, oysters, mussels, claims, sashimi...

We were served a variety of cocktails throughout the evening. These are the first three. Each one unique & refreshing. I had to really pace myself cos I drove! *sob*

Ah! The mains finally arrive...

Grilled King prawns with goat cheese tortellini with clam broth and coppa cracklings.

Tuna Nicoise in two styles, seared tuna tataki and tuna confit, with French beans, cherry tomatoes, and soft boiled quails eggs.

And if you're not into seafood, this beef dish is awesome & oh so tender! It's the Braised short rib of beef with creamy Paris mashed potatoes and horshradish cream.

A Truffled French omelette with hand-pickd Sri Lankan crab meat and mascarpone.

Wild barramundi with a brandade crust, spinach & almond puree, served with shellfish sauce.

Classic fish pie with snapper, ocean trout, prawn, leek and dill 'Pocolo fritto' lightly battered seafood with hand cut fries and lime aioli.

Our colleague Carolyn Camoens had been here before and told us about the Raspberry Donut shooter the mixologist made for her. We requested for that, and it was awesome! Heavy on Bailey's Irish Cream, with a fresh raspberry thrown in the middle.

A selection of petite sized desserts to share! All my friends will tell you, this is always my favourite part of any meal. Here's what we had:

Rose perfumed pannacotta with poached pear in creme de framboise.
Lime Souffle.
Wild honey and pistachio nougat parfait with cherry compote.
Pavlova with vanilla ice cream, poached strawberries, and passion fruit coulis.
Devils flourless chocolate, mascarpone, and raspberry ripple cake.

Fine apple and frangipane tart with calvados ice cream. This was another of my favourites because it's both savoury & sweet. :P~

We ended our meal close to 11pm! A very contented Justine & Pam with Executive Chef, Christopher Millar. Bravo! ♥

For more information about 1 Twenty Six, click here.


Jenny's Learning Journey said...

I have to say this is pretty impressive! I mean I am totally convinced that this is THE PLACE! The photos are so beautifully presented that nobody can dispute any facts that are written in this post!

Thanks for sharing,

Jenny She.

Maynas Eric Chua said...

OMG looks so comforty and the food!!! Yummy :) Looks like a super place to go, thanks for intro Pam!

Eclipse Sports Pte Ltd said...

the food looks really YUMMY.. I hear the prawns calling out for me..

what kind of prices will I be expecting for a new cosy dinner for 2 pax?

I have been missing all the great events from the Living Room..

Pam said...

it i'm not wrong, the seafood platter itself is about $85/pax. there's also a whole meal for 2 pax, with several courses, incl. dessert.

prices a bit steep, but if it's a special occasion and you don't mind spending, take that whole sampler thing cos you get to try everything, and have a choice for main course as well.

we have another event coming up next month, keep your ears pealed! we've missed you too... i think if i'm not wrong, we met at gloria jean's? ;P