Monday, April 26, 2010

Mao's Last Dancer

He was born into utter poverty in China, but at age 11, was selected to train as a dancer with Madame Mao's Beijing Dance Academy. At 18, he won one of China's first cultural scholarships to the US and later secured a contract to dance with the Houston Ballet.

Two years later, when he wanted to defect to the West, a dramatic media storm ensued! Even involving then US vice-president, George Bush Snr.

This is the amazing & inspiring story of Li Cunxin, author of the bestselling book, Mao's Last Dancer, and protagonist of the hugely-successful movie (of the same name) now playing in the cinemas.

In fact, the movie opened this year's Singapore International Film Festival.

If you missed the conversation between Stanley and Li Cunxin in The Living Room this morning, there are 3 encore broadcasts tonight. This interview was conducted back in 2007, way before the movie was filmed. It's a 3-part conversation that should not be missed!

Mao's Last Dancer: A Chat with Li Cunxin
Tonight, 10.4pm - midnight, 938LIVE
2.15am, Channel NewsAsia
4.15am, 938LIVE


Anonymous said...

I wonder if Mao is real.

Pam said...

I think Mao refers to Mao Zidong, the communist leader. The guy whom this movie/book is based on is ballet dancer Li Cunxin, and yes, he's real. Stan chatted with him in 2007, before the film was made! He now lives in Australia w his family. :o)