Wednesday, June 02, 2010

A Song for Everyone!

I think Ken Lim is cool. In Singapore Idol, he is the judge I most like to listen to cos I know he says it as it is, no mincing of words. But then, he's been in the industry of over two decades, heading the reputable Hype Records and Artiste Networks, what does he not know? Seriously.

So when the Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games Organizing Committee contacted me about the possibility of having Ken Lim on the show to talk about the Singapore 2010 Theme Song, which he composed & produced, I was secretly thrilled.

I thought he would be quite intimidating to interview. After all, he must have been interviewed a million times before, and he's not exactly a media whore (is there a male equivalent for that term?). So if he stared across at us with his bored, serious look throughout the interview, with arms folded, I will so die.

But truth be told. Ken Lim is not like that at all. He is really nice and charming! And he smiles a lot too, much more than I've seen him smile in all seasons of Singapore Idol put together. Or then again, it could just be that he really likes Stan & me? *LOL*

Ken Lim and Tabitha Nauser shares the Singapore 2010 theme song.

What I didn't know about the man was that he had produced the official theme song of the 11th Asian Games (Beijing, 1990), and composed & produced the theme song of the 17th SEA Games (Singapore, 1993). So composing & producing for the Youth Olympic Games can't be that big a deal. Right?

"It's different because this time, I know how much the Games means to our nation. And so writing the theme song has its pressures that way," Ken explains. "But composing the song itself wasn't particularly hard. The theme 'Everyone' just came up very naturally."

That's right, the Singapore 2010 theme song is entitled Everyone and it features 5 youths from 5 different continents singing it. The video is currently being played exclusively on MediaCorp Ch5.

But we had an unplugged version of the theme song sung for us 'live' over the airwaves from the voice of Asia herself, Tabitha Nauser. Here she is:

You'll remember Tabitha as 2nd Runners-up at the most recent Singapore Idol 2009. She's only 18 and oh, what a big voice! *beams* She currently sings with an acoustic band at Republic Polytechnic and has plans to pursue a career in the music industry. Go for it, girl!

Without further ado, here's the video of the Singapore 2010 theme Song. In fact, the night before our interview, I still couldn't find it on YouTube. I was told it would be uploaded specially in time for The Living Room's interview at 10am. And we were the first programme to announce its presence on YouTube! *woohoo*

Well, here is the song Ken Lim composed & produced. This time, YOU be the judge!

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