Thursday, January 29, 2009

Of Wacky Superheroes & Broken English...

Today is the 2nd day MediaCorp is shut down this week due to cost-cutting measures. Everyone's on forced leave and our office floor (where all the radio station DJs are) is a ghost town. But of course, The Living Room team is still dishin' out your daily dose of 'live' interviews! 

Today, we had director Beatrice Chia and actress Karen Tan in The Living Room to tell us more about Toy Factory's upcoming musical Sleepless Town. It's the one where singer Debbie Gibson was supposed to be in! Yes, yes, it's been resurrected and hitting our town on 27 Feb. 

Here to spill the beans on Sleepless Town: Beatrice Chia & Karen Tan.

Personally, I'm excited not because the musical's filled with wacky superheroes, but that the costumes are created by celebrity designer Federick Lee! *lol* I mean, what are superheroes without cool costumes? And wait, Mark Richmond debuts as scriptwriter & Don Richmond as music composer? This, I gotta see... 

Also on our couch this morning was Heather Hansen, a language trainer from California. We had such a good time guffawing at the things we Singlish speakers say without realising how ridiculous we sound to foreigners. 

"Your pipe is choked," said Heather's plumber. She could not, for the life of her, understand how a pipe could "choke". Did the plumber mean...... "clogged"?  

Then there was the immigration officer who wanted to "chop" her passport. Heather was horrified as she envisioned him with a butcher's cleaver... 

When we told Jason & Esther - our listeners now living in Sydney - about our Singlish session over lunch, the couple had a good laugh. Esther added that once she remarked to an Australian colleague, "He's so blur!" and the poor guy had no clue what she meant! 

My jaw dropped. Aussies don't understand what "blur" means? *gasp* 

 Lunch with our listeners from Sydney: Jason, Esther & their adorable kids.

Well, after an excellent zi-char lunch off Eng Neo Ave and a free flow of good conversation, we adjorned to Ben & Jerry's @ Dempsey for some ice cream. It's always wonderful to meet our listeners outside of work. What a lovely way to end the week! 

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