Monday, February 02, 2009

Meeting Needs Beyond Our Own

The world is so self-absorbed. This sad fact shines even brighter during times like these where we in the developed world are plunged into the deep dark pit of a worldwide recession. The one thing on many people's minds would be about how they can come out of the economic doldrums. When you clamour and strive for things beyond your basic needs, you stand to lose so much more when the hard times hit. We're seeing that right now with investments valued next to nothing.

Despite the 'economic tsunami' that continues to unleash extensive damage, our interviewees today reminded us to go beyond ourselves, to look at meeting many other needs of whose are not our own. They may not even be needs found on our shores. Beautiful People is a wonderful local initiative aimed at matching adult mentors (primarily women) with teen girls. Girls who've fallen off the main road just slightly and who could do with some help steering back on course. We salute our guests Melissa Kwee and Phyllis Ng who're volunteers with this project. If you love to work with teens and feel you can contribute an hour or two a week to coming alongside young lives and lend them a listening ear, a shoulder and a leg up on life, this initiative could do with your help.

We also chatted with Radion International volunteer Lee Min Wei and founder and director of Cafe Diplo, Jonathan How this morning. How Jonathan's established a humanitarian organisation and hooked up with Radio International to send a mission team to Thailand this month is amazing! Looking to assemble a team of 10 volunteers (singles, couples or groups) for the trip to work, Jonathan says volunteers will be working amongst the Lao Hmong community and destitute locals there.

This could well be the most meaningful humanitarian trip across Valentine's Day. If you're willing and available to commit time, talent and resources for the needy (medical expertise is most helpful!), the trip takes place from 11th - 16th February. Interested parties can send an email to Jonathan.

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