Thursday, February 05, 2009

Enthused & Ignited

Hope you didn't miss our chat with our guests in The Living Room today! If you need to be reinvigorated for life and reignited to love, both our guests today were the perfect people for the job!

One is the sort of person who would come alongside you and hear you out and help you help yourself figure your way out of your predicament. The other has the capacity to create within you a fiery passion for life (a healthy risk-appetite is needed!).

The Living Room's Aunt Agony, Wendy Chua K. Wand, took her rightful place on our couch once again to help us relook at what love is all about. Wendy who's a trained psychologist and life coach put love under the microscope and like cheese on a grater, slowly shaved off the cake till you saw the innards of love and what festers inside. Pretty as the picture may be as the movies and Valentine's Day commercials paint it, love is tricky and you've got to know your capacity to love and be loved.

Pam chimed in brilliantly how we shouldn't say we can't love our partner/spouse because of our differences, rather, to say we love that person BECAUSE of our differences! What a refreshing way of looking at relationships when they hit a bump.

After a lovely chat with Wendy, our doorbell rang. It was Landy! Landy Eng, Executive Director of Youth Challenge Singapore. I'd read a short note about him in NVPC's bi-monthly magazine SALT recently and was bowled over by his eclectic experiences in work, life and contributions to the community. If a paragraph in a magazine about this guy could inspire me, I thought to myself, "Gosh! How many more people could he inspire with his story on a radio talkshow like ours?!" So there he was on our couch today.

The New Yorker who'd worked in more than 30 cities across 3 continents, had climbed the corporate ladder to quite a height before becoming an entrepreneur and a business angel. Passionate about sports, enthusiastic about the Arts (especially Broadway musicals) and with a healthy appetite for food, he's aware of leading one life to his fullest. That last bit explains his blog and why his many entries are food-centric.

Don't miss more inspiring personalities visiting The Living Room!

Our door bell never stops ringing!!!

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