Friday, February 27, 2009

... And they lived happily ever after

... that is how all love stories end in fairy tales, isn't it? But in reality, things aren't that simple. Love stories can pan out in different ways, and couples - whom the world may deem as "perfect" - can fall out of love. 

Well, Happily Ever After is an Okto original English drama serial that is produced and in-part directed by one of Singapore's best filmmakers, Jack Neo. Yes, you heard me right! This is Jack's first foray into English drama serials in his 30-year career, and for this reason alone, you should catch this 8-parter which debuts on Sunday. 

Well, I had the pleasure to chat with three of the cast members today. They were Randall Tan, who plays womaniser 'Vincent' on the show, Adele Wong, his sweet girlfriend 'Annie' and Ng Hui, the ambitious magazine editor 'Mary' who is disenchanted by her unambitious husband, played by Ix Shen. 

Happily Ever After cast members: Randall Tan, Adele Wong & Ng Hui

These beautiful people had a natural chemistry between them. They were bantering, teasing each other and laughing together, and it was lovely to watch. They also shared their experience working with the Jack Neo, and I must say Randall was quite awestruck! *chuckle*

Joining them was Joshua Lim, Commissioning Editor at Okto, who was with this project since Day One. He shared that Happily Ever After is aired on 8 consecutive nights because the number '8' is special for Okto. After all, the channel is named after it (in Greek)!

So don't miss this Jack Neo English drama serial which debuts this Sun 1 March 9pm. The channel to lock? Okto

My lovely guests from Jack Neo's new English drama serial.

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