Monday, February 23, 2009

Eyes in Focus

I've contemplated having LASIK for some time, but my sister scared me once long ago when she told me that most LASIK surgeons wear spectacles! She was then very serious about undergoing the procedure, but she changed her mind. 

So that was one of the first questions I posed to Dr Natasha Lim, consultant ophthalmic surgeon with the Singapore National Eye Centre

What she shared was interesting: In an overseas study on the proportion of ophthalmologists who choose LASIK for themselves, it was found that about 25% chose it. This is significantly higher than the general population. 

Risks? Sure there are, but it's very small. And because it's mainly bacterial infections we're talking about, the risks are not much greater than infections we get from wearing contact lenses!

I had actually prepared a long list of talking points for Natasha, including different types of LASIK currently available, ICL (Implantable Contact Lens) which is touted to be safer, the latest trends in corrective surgery etc. She would know because she spent the last 14 years in the UK, and worked in the prestigious Moorfields Eye Hospital in London, the largest specialist eye hospital in the world.

Unfortunately, we didn't get through even half the list because so many listeners called in with questions for her! The phone was ringing non-stop.  

So I've decided to invite Dr Natasha Lim back for another session, specifically to talk about LASIK and other corrective methods. It's likely to be in mid-March, so do keep posted at our Living Room website where we update you weekly on the conversations we've planned.

A little behind-the-scenes info: Natasha and I were classmates in Sec 1 & 2, and we used to be on the 4 x 100m relay team together and tennis as well. It's good to be in touch again after so many years. But good grief, to think it's because of work! *grimace* Workaholics Anonymous

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