Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hell Rider in The House

If not for the daredevil stunts he performs on two wheels, he'd just be an ordinary motorcyclist. But he isn't. His stunts have stunned many and has been his passport to travelling around the world and garnering the 'oohs' and 'whoas' from adrenalin-starved audiences.

(above: A signed postcard from Oliver)

German motorbike artist and stunt and fun rider Oliver Ronzheimer took off his helmet and gloves to answer our questions in The Living Room today. Like many guests we've hosted who've excelled in a certain sport, career or activity, they started young.

For Oliver, he was on a motorbike at 8 years old - an age most kids are struggling to learn to ride a bicycle (with training wheels still attached)! Though exposed to soccer and tennis at a young age, the golf enthusiast says he chose to pursue the smell of burnt rubber, much to the dismay of his grandfather who was a footballer. But had he pursued a sporting career on the pitch, that wouldn't have guaranteed he'd be as well-spoken of as Oliver Kahn. As least, "Oliver Ronzheimer" is a name that's listed in the Guinness Book of Records. That was for bynny hopping about 10 metres over 38 people without a ramp! I wonder if it'd be more harrowing for Oliver on the bike or one of the brave souls on the ground.

(above: Airborne in front of the Pit Building.)

Turning professional in 1992, Oliver sees himself as a 'performing sportsman' and athlete when asked if he saw himself as more a sportsman or performer. To be good at what he does require discipline, he says, adding that having one goal or a single mission will also propel and inspire you towards achieving something amazing. When asked what was a unfulfilled dream of his, he chuckled and said that it would be to perform at Singapore's F1 Night Race. We have strong suspicions he doesn't just thrive on stunts, but speed.

When quizzed what most fascinates him about Singapore now that he's visiting for the fourth time, he remarked, "I'm German. I like discipline. I like rules. I feel quite comfortable here, safe, clean...". When reminded that we didn't have the autobahn here like he had back in his country, he quipped that that was something we could work on.

Motorcycle stunt man Oliver Ronheimer shares his passion.

With an honest liking for the people and the place, will he be the next professional sports celebrity to leave his wheels behind in his hometown of Cologne and set up a ramp at Clementi?

Only time will tell for this stuntman.

Event Highlight:
Oliver performs at
BikeAsia from Fri, 27th Feb - Sun, 1st March
at Singapore Expo Hall 3.

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