Tuesday, February 03, 2009

This BINGO's not a Game!

Being part of BINGO can set the stage for bigger things. Bigger things in the form of:
- business partners who were merely coursemates at university
- a business where you're called the boss
- a spouse (*optional and secondary)

(from l-r: Chew Gui Liang, Wayne Chia, Anderson Lim, Yang Shu Wen and Stanley)

Our guests today weren't talking about the game, but the society that unites them all. Anderson Lim founded NUS BINGO - the society bent on breeding entrepreneurs during his undergrad days in 2002. BINGO is the acronym for 'Business INcubation of Global Organisations). Since its establishment, it's helped to put undergrads on the path of 'entrepreneur-hood'. There aren't many uni-based societies that thrust their students into the real world before they graduate, so I see this to be something special for students predisposed to charting their own course in the open waters of career choices.

The world of opportunities that its members are exposed to through the business trips that are organised is tremendous! You can't quite ask for more after spending almost an entire month city-hopping, meeting top-notch academics and rubbing noses with inspiring business leaders real life entrepreneurs.

More than just the business lessons he took way from his trip to India in 2007, NUS BINGO alumnus-turned-entrepreneur Wayne Chia says he's most impressed and heartened to see how ethnic Indians, no matter how long they'd lived and worked outside India, will give back to their motherland through business and investments.

NUS BINGO comprises students with big dreams and many of these dreams become reality!

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NUS BINGO Rocks!!!