Friday, February 20, 2009

In Hard Pursuit

Guys, how hard is your erection? 
Don't laugh! How turgid or flaccid your penis is can determine your sexual satisfaction, your partner's, and your overall satisfaction with life. 

But just how hard is hard? Apparently, we can start by using common foods for comparison. *raises eyebrow in amusement*  I'm guessing the rationale is that we've all touched food with our hands, so here goes:

Score 1 = tofu.  Score 2 = peeled banana.  Score 3 = unpeeled banana. So, do they make the cut? For a change, we've asked two of our colleagues to play testers and give us their verdict. 

According to our colleagues Cassandra Rudge & Evelyn Hon
the verdict is "Cannot make it lah!" 

Optimum erection hardness would mean Score 4. And how does that feel? Go find a cucumber now - GO! - then squeeze it hard. There, you get the idea. OK, let's check with the girls...  

AH! Cassandra & Evelyn give the thumbs up for Mr Cucumber. 

According to the Asia-Pacific Sexual Health & Overall Wellness Survey, more than half of men and two-thirds of women in Singapore are not satisfied with sex. And this is strongly linked to erection hardness, says Dr Rosie King, our guest in The Living Room today.  

Dr Rosie King is a renowned sex therapist and relationship counsellor who is based in Sydney, but currently travelling across Asia-Pacific to share the findings of this survey. Rosie is warm, maternal and very down-to-earth. She made talking about Sex, on national radio, anything but awkward. 

To us, Sex is more than just a physical act. It's an expression of Love. And I think we must make it our priority to know our partner better than anyone else, and to go the extra mile to please him or her. As Rosie puts it, sex within a committed relationship is always the best sex. And when there's intimacy & emotional connection, Life just can't help but seem brighter and rosier. 

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