Friday, February 27, 2009

Magic on the Air Waves

Magic is a visual art. Can it be performed over radio?

This was the challenge I posed to my guests, mega illusionist JC Sum and 'Magic Babe' Ning, Singapore's only professional female magician, today.

Creating magic on the air waves: JC Sum & 'Magic Babe' Ning

I've never known this magic duo to step down from a challenge, so magic over the air waves was what we got, right here on 938LIVE!

JC had listeners prep 3 coins, any coins. Then giving clear, step-by-step instructions over the airwaves, he & Ning made us choose which coins we wanted to flip over. This happened several times. Until right at the end, we had one coin left on the table, and Ning had to guess whether that was Heads or Tails facing up.

"Magic is not just a visual art, it's also a psychological art," explains JC. And after a pregnant pause, Ning declares that our coin facing up was Heads. Was she right? Was she right?! Please let me know because this ditzy DJ got lost halfway! *lol*

Well, after our interview, I asked if they could perform some visual magic for me so that I can upload a video on the blog. Also, I also wanted to see if they could really impress me with something spectacular - on the spot - and in the ordinary surroundings of our studio.

I must say what they did with a $50 note really blew my mind. Seriously. Check this out:

We also had 6 pairs of tickets for Ultimate Magic @ The Arena to give away. Each ticket is worth $55, but for the first 6 listeners who called in, they each won a pair of tickets, worth $110. And the phone lines never stopped buzzing...

So if you're one of the many listeners who called in, a big Thank You to you. And as promised, here are the results:

1. Ang Chuan Khai / IC: XXX5204
2. Lum Fook / IC: XXX5971
3. Lim Geok Kheng / IC: XXX2663
4. Teo Neng Hee / IC: XXX9912
5. Thio Giok Lan / IC: XXX6622
6. Peter Liew / IC: XXX2943

Congrats! We'll be contacting you soon about how to collect your tickets.

And if you want to meet JC & Ning in person, why not head down to Magic Day @ The Arena, tomorrow Sat 28 Feb. It's open to the public from 1.30pm to 8.30pm, and admission is FREE. It's presented by Ning's online magic shop, Magic Boutique, and boasts stage & close-up performances, original magic products etc. To find out more, click here.

Or catch them performing their brand of urban illusions on Five Stars Carnival every Sunday at 9pm (for the next 4 weeks) on MediaCorp Ch 8. Click here for a sneak peak!

Well, the weekend is here. Have a m a g i c a l one!


magiclover said...

WOOTS! i'm a huge fan of Magic Babe! Really happy to hear her on 93.8LIVE! The weather report was a blast too! Can't wait to see the vid!

ger76 said...

The awesome floating bill! How did they do that?!! Totally blew me away too!

Bison88 said...

I love impromptu magic. Its simple, awesome and cool.

Anonymous said...

floating... coool.. but how come the sound so soft?