Monday, March 02, 2009

A Week of Wonder Women!

You must have heard the trailers on air. Yes! This week, we celebrate International Women's Day (Sunday, 8 March) with our special series, Wonder Women in The Living Room

What better way to kick-start this series than by inviting a couple of real-life Wonder Women onto our couch? And that we did, when we had these spunky girls who are on a lofty quest to conquer Mt Everest.

Meet Jane Lee, team leader of the Singapore Women's Everest Team (SWET) and her team-mate, Lee Li Hui

Everest Girls Li Hui and Jane on our couch today!

It was a lively chat we had with these girls, who more than amused us with their insights on preparing for the biggest adventure of their lives. Like learning to be comfortable enough to pee & poo in front of each other (there are no toilets on the mountain!), and simply getting used to each other's quirks. 

"It's like getting married," quips Li Hui. "When we spend so much time together, we realise we have very different ways of doing things - like tying plastic bags!" 

And what will they be packing? Well, 60kg each of baggage and food enough to feed the 6 of them for 3 months. And being the true-blue Singaporeans they are, these girls will be bringing along Bak Kut Teh mixes, sambal balachan and bakwa

19 days before they set off for Everest. All the best, Wonder Women!

And do they have a message for us this IWD? I love what Jane said, "We all have our own Everest. May you find yours and conquer it."  

Thank you for being role models, for inspiring young girls to do the seemingly impossible, and for opening doors for more women in Singapore to venture into the challenging world of mountaineering. 

To find out more about the Everest Girls and their climb, click here. And for a rundown of the conversations we have lined up for you in this Wonder Women series, click here

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