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PamStanality Profile

I'd make an excellent "QA Engineer" and a "Logistic Executive"???!!! You've got to be kidding!

But these were the professions that ranked 'Very High' in the Job Fit Index (JFI) after I sat for a personality profiling test at Career Fair 2009 yesterday. The JFI provides general estimates on one's natural personality-driven propensity to excel in various professional domains.

Perhaps I'd really be good at those jobs had I had relevant training in those fields, but the fact that I don't strongly suggests I don't have the slightest interest in those areas, much less, an ambition to chart a career in them. But to my relief, "Media" was also 'High' on the JFI, so that's affirmation I'm not off course.

Yesterday, Pam & I conducted The Living Room interview live from the expansive halls of Suntec Convention Centre - home to Career Fair 2009. There, we chatted with our guests David Blakely and Lydia Lim about Research Communication International's PEAKS profiling system. This psychometric profile is a validated prediction of one's natural disposition based on the well-researched Five-Factor personality model and resilience studies. The profile's meant to help one gain a better understanding of oneself and how you can perform at your peak in your personal and professional pursuits.

PEAKS is the acronym for 'Purpose', 'Energy', 'Affirmation', 'Knowledge' and 'Sustainability'.

We're going to be transparent about our results here (only a peek from our PEAKS report), and here's how they read for Pamela and myself. Here goes....

Snapshot of Stan's Results
High Purpose (COMPELLING)
Tends to be focused in every endeavour. Willing to give what it takes to get there. Clear minded and determined to succeed.
Medium Energy (READY)
Tends to be dynamic at times but at other times reserved and quiet. Moderately paced most of the time.
Affirmation Facets for 'Other Centredness'
You are a people-focused person who helps others sacrificially and enjoys seeing them grow to the fullest of their potential.
Knowledge Facets for 'Open Mindedness'
You are keen on exploring broad and innovative alternatives, usually energised by change and thinking 'out of the box'.
Sustainability Facets for 'Embarrassment Bridling'
You value the habit of presenting yourself well before others in social occasions because you are highly mindful that others are watching.

Snapshots of Pam's Results
Purpose: Capable of covering priorities at work, but have tendency to over-commit at times. Serious about being successful & prepared to do whatever is within logical, practical & attainable means to reach your goals.
Energy: Enjoy speaking up, fighting for issues that matter to you & at times stepping up to the plate as a lead voice in communicating publicly on issues close to your heart. You thrive on life experiences that provide intense excitement & fun on a periodic basis. Enjoy working & communicating with others in a fun-loving & energetic manner.
Affirmation: You desire to see & bring out the best in people around you, preferring to give others the benefit of the doubt. Honesty to you is very good policy. You are responsive & readily moved by the condition of the disadvantaged & especially invigorated by performing acts of compassion & kindness.
Knowledge: You are an imaginative person who has the ability to dream up ideas for tomorrow. You are very open to exploring broad & innovative alternatives, energised by change & thinking "out of the box". You are open to new intellectual ideas & possibilities, ever ready to learn & understand new things & to birthing new concepts.
Sustainability: You handle stressful situations well with steadiness & composure. Relatively few situations would drive you to great panic or turmoil. You are seldom provoked to anger, but on occasions when it is stirred up, you manage it well. You are sensitive to failure, but resilient enough to recover from intense disappointment when it happens.

Very High:
Media/Design, Event Coordinator, Marketing Executive, Public Relations, Design Engineer
Consultancy, Trainer, Presenter, Performing Arts, Advertising, Teacher, Interior Designer, Hotel Manager, Air Steward - Hostess

Chatting about Career Profiling with David Blakely & Lydia Lim.

Here we are broadcasting 'live' from Career Fair 2009 @ Suntec, finding out about PEAKS from counsellors David Blakely and Lydia Lim from Singapore Professional Centre.

It was my first off-site broadcast, and it was fun! *grin* I wish we had this sofa set-up in our studio permanently though...

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Cedric Tan said...

"Logistic executive"!! Now that'd be interesting... Haha.

Thanks for sharing. Can't help but feeling that you guys are having great fun in this work you do. Am happy for you two.