Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mr Moo Moo Milkman

I first met David Yim when an old friend of mine, Chong Hai-Yen, invited me to the official opening of his ice cream cafe, Udders, some time back.

Her introduction of him was: He's involved in adventure training, did dragon boating, and was a fellow teacher. I was already curious then as to why this man would give up everything to put on an apron and make ice cream!

Little did I know that my buddy Stanley also hung out at Udders Ice Cream Cafe! For him, it was an after-tennis pig out session on Wed nights... So when Stan raised the idea of possibly doing an ice-cream making workshop with Udders for The Living Room, I was all for it!

Through the weeks of planning that ensued, David struck me as being open, obliging and extremely generous. Not only did he offer to give away $100 worth of ice cream vouchers to our listeners during our 'live' interview today, he also packed tubs & tubs of his bestselling liqueur ice cream for all of us at 938LIVE ~ even delivering them personally. 

Chief Milkman @ Udders Ice Cream Cafe, David Yim.

He was a teacher for 6 years before leaving the field of education to start an ice cream parlour. "I always wanted to do something that was my own," he explains, referring to his first foray into business. "I was at a point in my life where I said to myself: If I don't try, I'll never know. So what if I failed? At least I tried." 

Today, Udders is doing well. It took David 5 months to break even, and come May, two new branches will open up. 

As Stan and I were driving out for a media lunch after the interview and were chatting in the car, it dawned on us that these words had struck both of us. I asked him what was his unfulfilled dream. He said, "To write and publish a book." Mine's to travel the world. 

Although our dreams had nothing to do with cows, milk or ice cream, our encounter with David had stirred up in us our own dreams. So I guess it's not just ice cream you takeaway from Udders! *chuckle* When you're in a special space that's created by pure passion and a dream, somehow you just can't help but takeaway much more. 

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