Thursday, March 05, 2009

Scripting for the Academy Awards

If you're a movie buff, you'd have chalked up enough experience to know if a film is going to be a great movie or one you'd regret having paid sub ten dollars to watch - all this in the opening sequence. "You can tell in the first few minutes of a film", says Syd Field. Syd's a top-notch screenwriter who's earned the label as "the most sought-after screenwriting teacher in the world" and "the guru of all screenwriters" and it was most thrilling chatting with the man.

He's worked with some of Hollywood's biggest names including Academy Award-winning Canadian-American director, producer and screenwriter, James Cameron (behind Terminator 2) and is in town to conduct a 2-day Screenwriting Masterclass. Syd sets the record straight that it's not for film students or budding script writers but anyone who wants to learn how to appreciate movies better.

So if you're keen, book yourself a seat online or call 6100-2005 now. You'll never watch movies the same way again after you hear Syd out.

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