Friday, March 13, 2009

Ha Ha Ha Ha ...

Ha Ha Ha Ha... You might have heard the trailer on 938LIVE. It's quite a catchy one, that. Well, the event associated with that trailer was Laugh & Learn 2009, which happened last Thursday. The whole 938LIVE team was down at Meritus Mandarin Singapore to laugh & learn along with over 300 of our listeners & friends who turned up.   

Being together at the same place and at the same time is a rarity for us producer-presenters simply because we're all on different shifts (or "belts"). It's a curious sort of office situation because there's always a pair missing at any one time, even at our monthly family (staff) meetings. So tonight was a treat, and I thought everyone looked fabulous! 

Under One Roof: The 938LIVE producer-presenters @ Laugh & Learn '09

This is my first Laugh & Learn since joining 938LIVE last October. Well, the event is as its name suggests: You laugh a lot throughout the dinner, and you take away a thing or two from the speakers. And this year, we had Alan Yip (Memory Trainer), Dr John Ng (Dim Sum Leadership) and Wilson Chew (Personal Branding) grace our event.  

We also had a celebrity in the house ~ Jazreel Low. I remember her back in those Star Search days. And I must say she looks hot, definitely one of those women who gets better with age. Interviewing her was my colleague & F-Cuber, Melanie Oliveira, who has practically interviewed all the celebrities you can think of... and more. 

As photographer for the night, I got to move around the ballroom, mingle and say hello to all our listeners! I must admit I felt a tad tickled. When I introduced myself as "Pam", a few of them went "Pamela Ho"? It's weird to be recognised as a name, a voice without a face. Yet it seemed like they knew me. Hmm.  

But it was really nice to tag actual faces & names to our listeners. Well, if you missed Laugh & Learn '09, come next year! Or join us for our monthly Living Room events, starting with our Ice Cream workshop @ Udders this month. See you there! 

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Hey that was my table!... without me in it...