Friday, February 06, 2009

Heart for the Arts

I read The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis many moons ago, and I must say it remains one of the most powerful & enlightening books I've ever read. 

It's basically a collection of 30-odd letters written by a senior devil called Screwtape (who's a master of deception) to his nephew Wormwood. In his letters, Screwtape instructs the youngster on the finer points of tempting his human.

What's eerie to me is that I recognised from the book the many ways I've been toyed with, and how I've inadvertently tumbled into temptation. It's usually in the small & subtle ways; and always in areas that are "grey". 

So when Stan told me that The Parables Company, a new theatre group founded by 3 passionate young people (pictured below), was staging 'The Screwtape Letters', I was thrilled. It's not an easy story to script for stage, so it will be interesting to see how they've managed to retain the literary flair of C.S. Lewis, yet make the story come alive. Catch them on 27 & 28 Feb @ Jubilee Hall, Raffles Hotel. Tickets available via Sistic

Bringing parables to life: Ethel Yap, Ronald Wong & Matthew Crawshaw.

Also in The Living Room today were some talented artists who live & work in the quiet, charming estate of Wessex, off Portsdown Road. That's where the iconic Colbar is, but recently, more yuppie F&B outlets have sprung up in the vicinity, including a chocolate bar & Italian restaurant. 

But Wessex is known also for its colony of independent artists. And it's really a case of the United Colours of Benetton here ~ with artists from Europe, Asia, the Americas & Middle-East, living & working alongside each other as neighbours.  

Well, just two months ago, a few of them who meet occasionally for afternoon beer, thought it might be a cool idea to get together and put up an arts festival ~ complete with art, music and good food. And from passing the word from one neighbour to the next, An Arts Affair @ Wessex was born!

Here to tell us more about this very unique event were our 4 very unique & culturally-diverse guests: Singaporean ceramist Zech Goh, Middle-Eastern illustrator Rasha Eleyan, American artist Kelly Reedy & Romanian painter-designer Sepi Velariu

Awesome artists from Wessex neighbourhood: Rasha, Zech, Kelly & Sepi.

So if you're looking for something to do this weekend, why not head down to Portsdown Road and check out the works of this cultural potpourri of artists? Tip: Begin at the Village Square (where Colbar is). There's an exhibition there, plus some 'live' performances. Then from there, take a stroll to the various independent studios. 

And if you're not big on walking, we're told there are golf buggies to take you around the estate! For more details, click here. Well, the weekend is here ~ have a wonderful one.  

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