Friday, February 26, 2010

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This blog is in the running for the
Best Radio Personality Blog Award
Singapore Radio Awards 2010!

Yes, The Living Room blog is a nominee (938LIVE's only blog nominee) for this prestigious category to be introduced at the Awards for the very first time!

Pam and I have thoroughly enjoyed many caffeine fixes, sacrificing sleep to bring more of The Living Room to you! Beyond what you hear on air, there's so much more that you don't hear and see. It was never about self-indulgence or glorification. It was never about us; it was always about YOU.

This was primarily the reason that gave birth to this blog in late 2008. To turn back the clock to our earliest blog entries, click here.

Apart from straight-on reportage, we try to be as creatively comprehensive in showcasing our guests and our show to you. Hope you've enjoyed the blog entries and will continue to be a lifelong follower of this blog.

Your vote costs nothing but means everything!
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Click here, then click on the button beside our blog, click 'Next' and fill in your particulars!
No $$$ at all!
[Hurry 'cos voting ends on Sun, 7th March 2010!]

We thoroughly appreciate YOUR vote!!! May the best blog win!!!

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