Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Vote for Us because we do more than TALK...

For some strange reason, people think we merely talk for a living. Trust me when I say that Pamela and I do a WHOLE LOT MORE than chat. It sure sounds easy getting paid to ask questions, but the art of interviewing and preparing for such purposeful conversations in a limited time is in itself a skill that's been honed over the years on the job.

(left: Our recent guest Dolly Yeo who's a parent coach)

Another misconception is that we only work two hours between 10am and noon. That's a fallacy! We work almost regular office hours. A lot more time is spent producing the show, than actually hosting it. I shan't go into detail but trust me, that keeps us very busy. On top of that, we have other programmes that we produce outside of the talkshow and that warrants a lot of time and energy as well. Before I forget, we also do the editing of our programmes, the archiving, the scheduling and the order-taking for recordings of interviews that have been broadcast. We also sometimes head out to conduct interviews, attend media events and shows to review them.

(above: a rare chance at playing tour guide around MediaCorp's radio units)

Coming back to The Living Room, you wouldn't believe how much feedback I've received from interviewees, who after the interview, tell me they're amazed and appreciative how we've prepared for the interview so thoroughly. I've had best-selling authors pat me on the back and remark how surprised they were that we read their book before conducting the interview. But isn't that a basic requirement for any journalist or reporter to do their homework in order to ask 'intelligent', insightful and cutting questions? I remain shaken and a tad disgusted at such slipshod work by media professionals! By the way, I'm in the midst of writing a book that lists some transgressions of the media with lots of anecdotes from my decade as a media practitioner and how interviewers and interviewees can do better the next time they sit down for a 'chat'. Interested publishers, please email me or leave your comment in the Comment Box below. ;o)

By the way, if you like what you're hearing in The Living Room, show us you love us by voting for Pam and myself as your favourite Radio Personalities on 938LIVE! The Singapore Radio Awards 2010 happens in March (yes, just next month) and voting is now open till this Sun, 21st Feb.

To vote for Pam, SMS:
MP (space) 1 (space) your Name & NRIC, and send to 72346.
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Each SMS costs 30 cents.

Thanks for voting for us! It'll surely be a sign of your affirmation for the good work that's been put in in brewing conversations fresh for you every weekday on 938LIVE!

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