Thursday, February 04, 2010

Waacking's in Vogue

Overnight, my vocabulary grew by 6 words, and 'waacking' is one of them! No, it's not the same activity that parents expend much energy yet find little delight doing when children misbehave. Waacking is...get this..."an electrifying art form of complex arm and hand movements that project sensuality and strength from the legs". Thanks wiki! I'm like 'What?!' Nothing like visuals to give me an idea of what waacking's really is. So a live demonstration of waacking was necessary and our guest Aus Ninja obliged. Pam and I are happy to share the video footage with you.

Aus who's born in Texas and bred in Kentucky, is in town for a 12-week residency with local dance institution, Studio Wu. He'll also be one of the judges for the CODE:EDGE 3 Asia Dance Finals later this month.

He's choreographer and performer with The Imperial House of Waacking founded by his father Tyrone. As a dance style, it was birthed in the 1970s. Yes, the disco era, so that makes it about as old as I am!

Pretty high energy and adrenalin. Just watching the moves gets you hot and breathless. But it was a different kind of 'hot' when Trinity Lim let herself loose with some girls' hip hop moves. The Malaysian lass who's an instructor with Studio Wu (just like our other guest Andy Lee who doubles up as Business Manager) is also choreographer of her all-girl group Dancologists. It's easier reading the name than saying it aloud, but I managed. Give it a try! Dan-co-lo-gist-s. She was one half of the winning team for the group category at last year's competition. This year, her group is the only representation from Malaysia.

(above: Striking a dance pose in The Living Room. Is it just me or do I look like I'm airing my pits?)

The finals of CODE:EDGE 3 Asia happen on
27th February at the Downtown East D'Marquee.

(Purple is Aus' favourite colour, so this blog entry's colour is in tribute to him!)

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