Monday, June 15, 2009

Can I have some Rhythm please? Make it Latin!

The walls of The Living Room have reverberated with the rhythm of drums from an assortment of cultures - African, Asian and today, Latin percussive instruments like the Conga and the Cajon (pronounced as 'Car-horn' though it sounds no where close when struck) took the limelight.

Drumming up the conversation today were directors and instructors at Latin Beats Production, Faiser Fiorez and Nicholas Lin. Faiser who's Columbian has been a percussionist for about 20 years and he definitely proved his mastery. There was one sequence when my jaw almost dropped when Faiser's palms scampered over five drums in a split second. If it helps you visualise it better, picture a handful of mice on steroids that are running amok on a barbecue grill. Talk about needing to be on the edge of your seat to play at such speeds! One word - INTENSE.

Though there were only two dudes seated across from me, I wouldn't have been surprised if you thought there were six pairs of hands on the seven drums that made our living room their temporary stage for the world.

Latin Beats Production do offer Latin percussion workshops and one-on-one coaching as well and if you'd like to learn the drums (the types Gloria Estefan would jiggy along to), none other works up a sweat and produces as much of a kick as Latin percussions. Bonus forutuna!

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Pam said...

sigh, what a pity i missed the interview! i would've loved to get my paws on those percussion.....