Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Does she look like Agony Aunt?

When I think of Agony Aunt,
I think of someone with hair bunned up, horned-rimmed glasses,
and quite a witty, wisecrack sort of magazine columnist.

Not that The Living Room's resident Agony Aunt isn't witty or a wisecracker. She's quite a feisty one, but she looks anything but...

She is Psychologist, Life Coach & Managing Director of Wand Inspiration
Wendy Chua
And she'll be joining us 'live' Every Thursday in June & July, 11am - noon.

So if you're seeking some clarity in your career, relationships or parenting, do call in at 66911-938. On-air consultation is FREE!

Alternatively, email us your questions at and we'll gladly pass them on to Wendy. You can email us anytime ~ just include in the Subject Head "Agony Aunt".

Here's to many insightful Thursdays ahead with our very young & pretty Agony Aunt, Wendy Chua. Only here in The Living Room!

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