Monday, June 01, 2009

United Colours of... Eurasians!

I first fell in love with Eurasian culture when I read the book The Shrimp People by Rex Shelley many moons ago. He painted such an intriguing picture of the early Eurasian community in Singapore - the social parties, hockey games etc - that I went in search of Shelley's other books! *grin*

So I was looking forward to having our guests from The Eurasian Association (EA) join us in The Living Room today to tell us more about what their community is up to today - in particular, how they are nurturing leadership among their young people.

We had a lively chat with 3 volunteers from the Mentoring Young Leaders Network (MYLN), a sub-committee of EA's Youth Chapter today. Meet them here:

Eurasian Professionals on a Mission: MP Christopher de Souza, Sybil Rocha, Kimberly Gordon & Zaf Coelho.

Sybil Rocha (Chairperson) is a corporate lawyer, Zaf Coelho (Vice-Chairman) is a Conference Manager and Kimberly Gordon (Creative Manager), a media professional. Yet these passionate 20-somethings give of their time & energy to engage, equip & empower other young people - and not only within the Eurasian community.

As Christopher de Souza (MP of Holland-Bukit Timah GRC & EA volunteer) tells us, the Eurasian Association does not limit its activities to just the Eurasian community. The doors have always been wide open for anyone from any other ethnic group to join them. Now talk about being "inclusive"! *wink*

"The Eurasian Association has always been inclusive," says MP Christopher de Souza. "Our door is always open to all."

Their upcoming seminar "What's Next" Exploring Post-Secondary Options is open to all upper-Secondary students & their parents - regardless of race, language or religion! *chuckle* It's on this Sat 6 Jun, 3pm @ the Eurasian Community House. Admission is FREE.

And I think their upcoming musical Eurasiana is going to be quite a spectacle as well. After all, aren't Eurasians known for their flair in music & drama? That's on 26 June @ Esplanade Concert Hall. To find out more about both events, just click here.

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