Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Glutton for Adventure!

I've watched him on Discovery Travel & Living's The Surreal Gourmet and Glutton for Punishment and it was an exciting day indeed for me to finally get to meet celebrity chef & culinary adventurer, Bob Blumer today!

He's in town to cook for a charity benefit by UNIFEM Singapore tomorrow night, the SNOW Gala Dinner. SNOW = Say No to the Oppression of Women. And when Saleemah Ismail, President of UNIFEM Singapore, told me he's coming, I couldn't resist inviting this charming Canadian (now residing in LA) to The Living Room.

And Bob is such a down-to-earth, easy-going sort of guy. He came clad in a t-shirt and jeans, and of course his characteristic smile... cheeky grin... twinkle in the eye.... and wink. Yes, he sometimes gives you a wink when he speaks! *giggle*

What surprised Stan & I though was that Bob admitted he has no professional training as a chef whatsoever, never attended any prestigious culinary school, never helmed a kitchen in some fancy restaurant... In fact, his background was in the music industry!

But his passion for cooking prompted him to publish a cookbook entitled The Surreal Gourmet, and it was picked up and turned into a TV series by Discovery Travel & Living, and it has so far enjoyed 5 good seasons!

Bob has a passion for cooking, quirky presentations & just good ole' fashioned adventure!

Well, he came along with this little friend [pictured, left]. I can't quite remember what Bob called him... Frosty in a Snow Globe? Anyway, it will be the special dessert at the SNOW charity benefit at the Conrad Centennial on 2 Dec. All the guests will get one of these little guys!

When I first saw this snowman in Bob's hands, I asked him if it was edible. "Yes, he is!" Bob replies with a grin, his eyes twinkling. "But you can't eat it!"

He's made with white chocolate on the outside. Under the coating, his body is chocolate mousse cake. His head, chocolate ganache. Mmm. But don't you think he is too cute to eat? I seriously can't imagine myself chomping into him. I'd probably carry him home & display him in my freezer.

It was such a blast spending a whole hour with Bob Blumer today. Don't we all wish we had his mobile toaster to zip around in? That's my dream vehicle... and kitchen.... Oh, my wish for Christmas!!! So how about it, Bob? *grin*

Bob Blumer brightens our morning in TLR... despite having jet lag!

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