Friday, December 04, 2009

Mr Crocodile's Not Going Anywhere!

Not if a prominent fashion label
can help it!

French fashion brand Lacoste became the first international brand to pledge its commitment to the Save Your Logo campaign in February this year. How the 14-month old campaign works is that if a company or a brand's logo is represented by an animal or a plant, the company can pledge its commitment to the conservation of that creature or species of flora. Lacoste has done just that, stepping up to the task of supporting projects selected by the Global Environment Facility to 'safeguard or protect the endangered crocodile, alligator, caiman or gavial species, whose loss would jeopardize the biological balance of their natural habitats'. These action plans are now in effect in Nepal, China and South America's Amazon region. Such a neat idea! If you're going to wear a crocodile close to your heart, it's a logical connection to literally put your money where your heart is!

Of interest to fashionistas would be a freshly-knitted collaboration between Lacoste and Brazilian designers-cum-siblings. Fernando and elder brother Humberto Campana (left) own Estudio Campana in Sao Paolo. The brothers had the honourable task of designing Lacoste's new collection. Humberto who was on our show was candid about how the union was mooted. After designing the Alligator Chair (picture below) some years back, he'd said in jest how Lacoste should buy the armchair and put it in their office. Eight years later, Lacoste took note of that comment and got serious with the proposal. A matchmade in heaven and Snap! A deal was born!

If you're still clawing for more croc-talk, guess what just hatched? More than 2000 baby crocodiles (what it really is: Lacoste's logo that you find on its regular polo tops) painstakingly hand stitched together by a disadvantaged community of women at risk of prostitution. The Campanas+Lacoste collection ranges from $289 for a special edition piece to $12,800 for a super limited edition shirt.

(below: The men's super limited edition shirt that can leave you with limited cash and further down, the close-up of the crocodiles intricately woven together.)

And this blog entry wouldn't be complete without a photo of our warm and cordial designer guest, Humberto Campana, from Brazil, who was off to catch his flight home right after our chat.

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