Wednesday, December 09, 2009


I LOVE MAGIC! And I must say I'm proud that we have a handful of world-class magicians from our little sunny island.

Today, we had father & daughter team Lawrence & Priscilla Khong come in to share about their upcoming concert called Christmas Magic, which will benefit some 500 children & senior citizens from 6 charities, including Club Rainbow, Boys Home, Jamiyah Home for Aged etc. There's something to be said about using one's gifts for good.

Lawrence was awarded the Public Service Medal in 1998 for being a passionate contributer to the community, and was twice-nominated as a finalist in the SIP-Schwab Social Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2007 & 2008. Besides that, did you know this 50-something sportsman represents Singapore in polo in the SEA Games?!

Lawrence & Priscilla share their magic with the less fortunate.

Also, there will be 9 magicians featured in Christmas Magic this Saturday, all from what they call the Magic Circle. When I pressed them about what this King Arthur/Merlin-sounding fraternity was all about, they shared that these are graduates of an initiative called Project Smile. These amateur magicians have to complete a community project before graduating from the programme. Hence.

And Priscilla let loose too that there will be a special guest at the upcoming charity concert. And we're not talking about NZ magician Paul Romhany, who will be performing at the event... but Priscilla's 6-year-old son, Isaac, who makes his debut as a magician on stage! Are we talking 3rd generation magician here?

Christmas Magic poofs on stage this Sat 12 Dec, 1.30pm @ TOUCH Community Theatre. To find out more, click HERE.

And since the father-daughter team were in our studio, Stan & I just had to get them to perform some close-up magic for us:

And we thought we'd get just one trick, but the Khongs decided to surprise us with another. So here comes trick #2...

As I said, I LOVE MAGIC! And I'm proud of Singaporean magicians who have made their mark overseas & done us proud.

Earlier this year, we had mega illusionists JC Sum & 'Magic Babe' Ning come on our show as well, prior to Ning headlining an international magic convention in the UK.

The duo recently put Singapore on the world magic map by completing an astounding 15 illusions in 5 mins ~ a new Guiness World Record (it's currently being submitted).

Well, we had these cool illusionists do some close-up magic for us as well. So if you missed JC & Ning's classic levitation of a dollar note trick, here it is again:

Awesome, isn't it? *GRIN* I still can't believe they did this right in front of my eyes, seriously.

If you'd like to catch this magic duo in action, they will be performing at The Boiler Room, St James Power Station, in Jan 2010. The limited run is called Sexy Magic / Urban Illusions.

You can find out more & get your tickets by simply clicking HERE!

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