Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Cabby Conversations

The next time you're after an opinion, perspective or even advice, look no further than the taxi. Thank your lucky stars your metre charge doesn't include the suggestions, wise words and news commentary he freely renders. Many cabbies would fool you into believing they're philosophers and counsellors waiting to let you in on their thoughts as soon as you encroach on his (or her) personal space called the 'cabin'. It doesn't matter if they're Smart, Prime, Premier or Comfort, they all have their wits about them.

You've probably encountered cabbies of colourful character who give you more than a ride. While some won't utter a single word beyond "Hello. Where are you going?", others will readily host you to a hearty conversation, albeit a lopsided one at that.

Charlene Rajendran has vividly captured her many cabby encounters in a brand new book, "Taxi Tales on a Crooked Bridge", out now in the bookstores (retailing at $17). The NIE theatre lecturer who was on air with us today recounted some of the hundreds of trips she'd taken by taxi. Her records of the way cabbies can form deep-set emotions and challenge you to an intellectual discourse are bewildering.

They've got an opinion on almost any topic you care (or do not care) to raise. On longer rides, I wonder if it's just a meaningful discourse and means of passing time or therapy for the cabby, therapy for me, or both.The next time you hail a cab, get ready for verbal expression, mental stimulation and rich conversations.

And if I were you, I'd get the cabby to turn the dial to 938LIVE because it's going to be mutually beneficial to you and the bloke. Traffic reports on our station are the most frequent and you really could do without being stuck in a crawl and an agitated cabby who's spewing unpleasantries.

Better still, arm yourself with Charlene's chronicles and find yourself chuckling in the congestion!

Author Charlene Rajendran shares our couch & her conversations.

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