Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Gimme a High...Puh-lease!

Today was one of those days where we had three separate interviews (we prefer to call them 'conversations') compacted into two hours in The Living Room. It can be quite 'schizo' (short for 'schizophrenic') for us as talkshow hosts because in a mere matter of minutes, you could be talking about the activities of a laughing club, the next moment you're speaking with a financial adviser, and after him, a guy who has a penchant for scaling skyscrapers! And that's what happened on our show today!

If there's one adjective that strings all three conversations together, it'd have to be 'high'.

The First High (Five)
Maggie Fung, Bastian Dohling and Yasmine Khater (photo above) were the first to come through our doors. Their passport to our show was that they were very infectious people. 'Infectious' may not be the most appropriate term to use given the present times of the H1N1 outbreak. But that word is spot on in describing their mission and purpose - planting smiles on the faces of people! A report last year revealed that Singaporeans rated their level of happiness at 6.6 on a scale of 1 to 10. I suppose with the presence of a new laughing club that call themselves 'Break Free', that index might slide farther to the right.

Last Wednesday, the activists (made up of a core group of 7 members) caught unsuspecting passersbys off guard, welcoming all and sundry to serve up a High Five. The invitation to get people involved in the celebratory gesture was reportedly well-received and Operation Hi 5 was a hit! The group's also donned red noses while pointing people in the right direction. So that's some welcome help and free entertainment from the members. I'd be careful to trust some German guy with a spongy red nose to point me the right way at Woodlands Bus Interchange, but at least, we know it brought on the smiles of Singaporeans!

Break Free's next operation will unfold this Sunday, 10th May from 10am at Bedok Bus Interchange. This outing will be in celebration of Mother's Day. That's as much information as the group was willing to disclose. You'll have to head down to see what exactly will transpire!

(above: Both sets of guests giving each other a High Five outside The Living Room
as the group from Break Free made their way out, to make way for the next group coming in from IPAC.)

The Second High (Time)
If you're a parent and you haven't talked some cents into them, my guest would have you know that it's high time you do. When inculcating in our children a sense of sound money management habits, Brent Allcock who's Senior Vice President from IPAC says you've got to start them young. Financial literacy shouldn't be put off till 'they're older'. Helping them learn basic concepts of value, savings, contributions to society and charges can be by way of playing games like Monopoly.

IPAC recently launched an e-booklet titled 'Children & Money - Getting Off To A Great Start'. If you'd like to request for a complimentary copy, please make your request known by sending them an email.

The Third High (Rise)
My third guest is a legend! I wouldn't have been able to have a word with him if he weren't grounded...literally! You see, Alain Robert is in his element when he's toying with death by climbing skyscrapers, not when he's got both feet firmly planted on the ground in our living room. Despite his many vertical expeditions with and without the blessings of city councils and building managements, he revealed he does recognise the dangers. His book “The true story of Alain Robert, the real-life Spiderman” is out in leading bookstores and offers a good read into the mettle of a man who's earned himself the nickname, 'Spiderman'. Couldn't have been more apt. As quickly as he swung by, he climbed off our couch, out the window and woosh! He was gone.

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