Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Voices for Animals

We're lucky because we have a voice. If we're bullied, we can speak up for ourselves. And there are avenues where we will be heard and action taken to stop the abuse. 

But for animals that are abused or exploited, they don't have a voice. Their plight is cloaked in a deafening silence. And so we who do must speak up for them. That's exactly what some passionate Singaporeans are doing at the upcoming Singapore Animal Welfare Symposium 2009, organised by ACRES and the NUS Animal Welfare Society.  

Voices for Animals: Rajespal (NUS AWS), Amy (ACRES) & Selina (SPCA). 

We had in The Living Room today, Rajespal Singh (NUS Animal Welfare Society), Amy Corrigan (ACRES) and Selina Sebastian (SPCA) to share with us what their groups are doing to further animal welfare here, and how they are joining forces with other groups to give animals a voice at the Symposium. 

As for the whale sharks that will be brought into the Sentosa IR, what are your views? Leave us a Comment - we would like to hear from you. Animal welfare groups are taking a stand against it because they say whale sharks are meant for the wild. They fare badly in captivity. 

Well, there's an online petition going around, and as a scuba diver for years, I've personally signed it. But read up first before you take action. I always believe you must first be informed, then respond from that space. You can click here to find out more: SPCA and ACRES

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