Thursday, May 28, 2009

Blowin' the House Down!

Stan thinks I'm a bit off  today. 

When our female jazz trumpeter guest, Michi Fujii, said she chose to play the trumpet because "she liked the sound of it", I remarked, "Oh, because it sounds like an elephant?"


It's not the smartest thing to say on air. But hey, at least it got everyone laughing! *sheepish grin* 

You know, when we think of famous jazz trumpet players, often Louis Armstrong or Miles Davis come to mind. But an Asian jazz trumpeter, and a female one at that, is pretty darn rare

Well, this Berklee College of Music alumnae has won several awards in her career and was even invited by the Cuban government to perform in Cuba!

The good news is that she's currently in town and performing at Jazz@SouthBridge from tonight till Saturday 30 May. Showtimes at 9.45pm. 

So if you're in the mood for a swingin' good time, don't miss Michi Fujii and SouthBridge's very talented & animated resident pianist, Aya Sekine. These girls will have you tappin' your feet and bouncin' on your seat - I guarantee! *wink*

Jazzin' It Up! Female trumpeter Michi Fujii & pianist Aya Sekine.

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