Monday, May 18, 2009

Somaly Mam: Fri 22 May, 10.10am / 10.10pm

Once sold into sex slavery, Cambodian activist Somaly Mam now rescues girls from the same horrific fate.

I just got news from my boss Rose today that Cambodian activist Somaly Mam is coming to Singapore and will be speaking at the SCWO (Singapore Council of Women Organisations) event on Thursday.

This is a story I've been pursuing for years. When I was Deputy Editor of Vanilla magazine, we were scheduled to fly up to Phnom Penh to do a cover story on her, together with our best photographer and stylist. But it never materialised because Somaly was on the run. Her daughter was kidnapped. Her life is constantly being threatened.

Why? What's she doing that upsets so many people? I read her autobiography The Path of Lost Innocence - which traces her life from being sold into sex slavery to how she lives & breathes to rescue girls off the streets today - and was deeply moved.

I'm thrilled that Somaly is in Singapore this week and that I'm finally going to meet her. You will get to "meet" Somaly too, this Friday at 10.10am, with a repeat broadcast at 10.10pm. Don't miss it!

In the meantime, click here to find out more about her, or swing by the SCWO event this Thursday, or Friday when UNIFEM Singapore (United Nations Development Fund for Women) hosts her @ Insead, 7pm. It will be awesome, trust me! 

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