Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hokkien on 938live... Courtesy of Irene Ang!

If you didn't catch Irene Ang doing the Singapore pledge in Hokkien today... man, you missed something very rare on 938LIVE! Not often do we hear dialect on Singapore's only English news radio station!

We were actually both a little apprehensive. "Can ah?" she asks, a little tentatively. To be honest, I wasn't sure! *LOL* But hey, what the heck! For Irene Ang, we will make an exception! [Note: I haven't been called to my boss' office, so I think we're OK!]

Anyway, I believe in 2nd chances. So here's a trailer of her upcoming production, The Extraordinary V Conference. Irene resumes her hugely popular role as Guan Yin Ma, where she spews her native dialect.

Irene shares that she was brought up by her Granny (who passed away in '96) - hence the Hokkien - but who still anchors her when she has tough decisions to make. In my hour with her, I discovered a very down-to-earth side of Irene Ang - a woman wise and compassionate. That's not a side of her we often see, for sure.

I love this woman! She's engaging to talk to, amazing in the way she juggles so many things & still walks around with a smile. And also, she's just someone who's game for anything!

And talking about being game, Irene Ang will be dancing at the upcoming The Extraordinary V Conference. "It's worth all $48 you'll be paying," she quips.

The Extraordinary V Conference
4 - 13 Sep
8pm @ Zirca (Clark Quay)
$48 (incl. one Tiger beer!)

For more info, click here or book your tickets here!

Lookin' Good: A caffeine-infused Irene Ang in The Living Room.

I've watched Irene for years on Phua Chu Kang, read about her establishing FLY Entertainment (which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year!), and just been amazed at how she is always "up to something".

She has never fallen off our radar all these years - a local Hokkien version of Madonna if you like.

And of course, I must add I'm so envious of how slim & toned she looks these days... Wah piang, if Irene can do it, I oso can lor!

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