Friday, August 28, 2009

Xtreme Xperience!

We chatted with 2 professional Extreme Sports athletes today in The Living Room. They're both Australians, and currently in town for this weekend's Singapore X Championship 2009.

Well, their names are Tim Wood (pro BMX Freestyle rider) and Trevor Ward (pro skateboarder), and we had a blast chatting with these Aussie dudes about their crafts & what it's like going pro in extreme sports. Gosh, they get to travel the world doing this! Is this a dream job or what?

Well after the interview, we brought them to the open lobby area outside our studio to show off some of their stunts. We made Stan & Trev lie down while Tim jumped over them on his BMX. Check this out:

And here's more of Tim showing off what he can do on his bike!

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