Thursday, August 13, 2009

How Do You Start A Chain Reaction?

And that's what these four spunky girls did.

"We want to find a cause, and have an effect. And from there, grow our initiative to cause others to effect change together with us," the girls explain. And from this premise, the Chain Reaction Project was born.

Over 5 days, they will mountain-bike 450km across Timor Leste for a good cause. This is part of Tour de Timor, an initiative of Timor Leste President Jose Ramos-Hota.

"Recently, we had the privilege of meeting President Hota who shared with us the needs and the progress of his nation, along with the hopes he has for it. With President Hota's blessings, TCRP will be working alongside his office on a project to build homes and sources of water supply for the nation's poorest," the girls tell us.

Girls from The Chain Reaction Project in the Living Room: [L to R] Tingjun, Jasmine, Alexandra & Anina.

And who are they? Zhang Tingjun (if she looks familiar, she represented Singapore in netball!), Jasmine Wong, Alexandra Toh & Anina Boshoff. They are such a chatty, spontaneous & engaging bunch, and the one hour we had with them just flew by!

They not only exude a spirit of adventure but also boasts big, big hearts. And such natural poster girls!

The girls are pleasantly surprised by the amount of support they're receiving from individuals & companies who have jumped on the bandwagon to sponsor them stuff from camping tents, nutrition bars to airline tickets!

"It's really a chain reaction happening," Tingjun remarks. "Everyday we see the number of fans on our Facebook page increasing, people approaching us to sponsor stuff, media support... it's amazing."

Talking about Facebook, the girls will be uploading photos & updating fans during their 5-day ride (24-28 Aug). So if you'd like to follow their adventure, join them now on Facebook!

TJ, Jas, Alex & Anina: The Living Room wishes you all the best in your endeavour! And as promised, we'll be having you girls back on our couch when you return. We're already looking forward to hearing your stories!!!

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