Monday, August 31, 2009

I'm Racin' A Boeing Jetplane...

That's what our guest today can claim.

This Saturday, Yuey Tan will be in a Porsche Carrera Cup race car, zipping down the tarmac at Changi Airport, in an attempt to beat a Boeing 747!

Porsche vs. Plane: Yuey Tan says he's racing to win!

Speaking with an Aussie twang, this 27-year-old lad (who lived Down Under for a period) is back in Singapore to pursue his passion for fast cars. While he does exude a brash confidence, he also knows his place.

"I won't dare call myself a race car driver," he chuckles, when I asked him before going on-air if I can introduce him as such. "I'm just breaking in!"

Yuey recalls being captivated by fast cars back when he was a kid growing up in Australia. "I would sit in a tree overlooking the race track and watch the races," he confides. "I always wanted to be one of them."

Well, he will be making history this Saturday at the Changi GP Festival when he races an aircraft - a first in Asia. Is he confident of winning? "It can go either way," he shrugs. "I can't really say... but I do want to win!"

We found out Yuey drove to the studio in his Porsche (yes, he owns one), and we couldn't pass up on the opportunity of checking it out upclose & personal.

Stan was thrilled to learn that the boot is actually infront. The little boy in him couldn't resist climbing in!

In fact, it's such a little-known fact that Yuey wasn't checked by the security guards at MediaCorp because the guard opened the back of his car, saw the engine, and waved him through! *gasp*

Well, this isn't the actual car he'll be racing. The Carrera Cup race car is a bare-bones shell: no passenger seats, no aircon, no CD player. And at 4,200cc, we're expecting it to fly down the runway!

All the best, Yuey! The Living Room is rootin' for ya!

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