Tuesday, August 04, 2009

We're Modern Day Lumberjacks

I love trees! I love lying on my back and looking at the arching branches above, seeing the sunlight dance through the foliage.

But today, I was reminded by an unwelcome, jarring sound that each time I click on 'Print' on my computer, and print something I may not need, that I'm contributing to the felling of one of these.

How many times have we printed an email and not deleted all the previous responses tagged to it? What could've been on 1 page ends up being 4 pages long!

Well, there's now a brilliant way to remind ourselves each time we click on 'Print' that trees are being felled to make that piece of paper. By downloading i.Saw, clicking 'Print' triggers the jarring sound of a chainsaw & a falling tree!

I know, sometimes Ignorance is Bliss. But seriously, are we really ignorant? Do we really want to pretend the problem is not there when it's our environment we're talking about?

i.Saw is the brainchild of advertising firm BBH Asia Pacific, and we had the pleasure of chatting with its digital creative directors, Shawn Loo and Noel Yeo in The Living Room today to find out about the inspiration behind this environmental campaign.

Well, if you'd like to download that chainsaw sound, click here. Spread the word!

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