Thursday, July 30, 2009


Sudoku Masters 2009! You may have heard the trailers on all radio stations. Well, that's a nationwide competition organised by MediaCorp Radio and as DJs, we have to roll up our sleeves & help facilitate these competitions at shopping malls or schools.

Well, I was activated today for duty at Gan Eng Seng Secondary after I got off-air. I must admit I was a little jittery as I've never played Sudoku before. What if I screw up with the instructions? *gasp*

Thank goodness my best friend forwarded a Dummy's Guide link to me and I did a Sudoku crash course while chowing down my lunch. Then it was off to GESS with my colleague, Wei Yao [picured below, left].

Some sweet boys from Gan Eng Seng helped us carry packets of Marigold drinks up to the 4th floor computer labs.

Because of H1N1, many schools postponed on us - including RGS, which I was supposed to host last month. So it was great that we were able to do the Sudoku challenge in an air-conditioned computer lab today. I hear students have not been allowed to congregate in enclosed aircon spaces till now!

As I was a teacher before, the school environment is all very familiar to me. I realise today I kinda miss being among teenagers. But hey, I love my job at 938LIVE, so I'm not complaining! *grin*

The GESSians were really well-behaved. And even though there were oral exams next door, we managed to herd 50 of them from the 4th to 2nd floor to take a group photo after, without much of a fuss!

Taking up the Sudoku Masters challenge is Gan Eng Seng Secondary. We'll see you in the finals on 23 Aug @ Central!

Although I do feel sian about having extra off-air duties sometimes, I do enjoy meeting & working with colleagues from other departments within MediaCorp. And it is refreshing to get out of The Living Room once in a while and be in touch with people & communities other than our guests. And hey, I finally learnt how to play Sudoku! *grin*

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