Saturday, July 18, 2009

Investing A Saturday Afternoon

Two milestones were set today and I'm happy to have been involved in these 'firsts' in the history of The Living Room!

It's the first time we've broadcast the talkshow on a weekend, and the first time we've had a live broadcast in the afternoon from noon to 2pm! So off we went, carting our furniture to Hall 601 at Suntec International Convention & Exhibition Centre where the first-ever Asian Investment Conference & Exhibition 2009 was held.

Organised by the Securities Investors Association of Singapore, the two-day event wooed an endless stream of visitors, some of whom gathered to watch me at work conversing with my guests. The Living Room was proud to be part of the action where I engaged experts on issues that would have easily made a non-investor feeling totally inadequate discussing - investments and investment instruments. We spoke about investment strategies, equity markets, ETFs, shipping trusts and more. Among my guests were the CEO of Bursa Malaysia Berhad, Dato Yusli Mohamed Yusoff and Vice President of OCBC Bank's Wealth Management Unit, Vasu Menon.

Feel free to come by and catch The Living Room when we next broadcast it from outside our studios at Caldecott Broadcast Centre. See you in the audience soon!

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