Monday, July 06, 2009

Serenaded by a Teen Jazz Heartthrob

He's 18. He's from ACJC. And he's doing his A-levels exams this year. On most counts, he's a regular teenager - albeit a charming & handsome one - who struggles with school work, finding time for friends and pursuing his passion.

But then Nathan Hartono is not quite the boy-next-day. Last year, he performed at the National Day Parade in front of some 28,000 people (excluding TV audience), he recently performed the theme song of the Asian Youth Games 2009, and he has 2 CD albums under his belt. In fact, he's been called a "teen jazz heartthrob" - a title he's a tad bashful about.

Teen sensation Nathan Hartono graces The Living Room.

Recently, he released an album called Realise and on it, a self-penned song entitled Stay. We invited Nathan to perform it for us 'live' and the charming lad gladly obliged. To say the least, I'm impressed! In fact, Stan & I concur that he sounds better doing an unplugged. And he looks so laid back, so Jason Mraz, that I just had to upload this video to share with you!

Well, with the Living Room blog, you don't just hear our guests on-air, you get to watch them too. So we proudly present to you *drum roll*... Nathan Hartono Unplugged on 938LIVE!

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