Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Taking on a World Champion!

No guy would hold his head up high and admit losing to a woman. It just won't do for a man's ego. So you'd probably find my confession a rarity. "I'm happy to lose to a woman!"

She's currently the world's top female bowler. She's a world champ! Her youth notwithstanding, she's rigged up with ambition, cloaked with resilience and armoured to push deep into the privy league of the bowling battallion's best. She's got it in her to be right up there with the rest of the world's greatest bowlers. She is 2o-year-old Jasmine Yeong-Nathan and more recently, earning the title of Singapore's Sportswoman of the Year. The last bowler to earn the coveted title was Grace Young sixteen years ago in 1993.

The Singapore Polytechnic graduate is awaiting the commencement of her first semester in university next month and while doing an internship of sorts, Jasmine's been training hard on the lanes for the 2009 World Tenpin Bowling Association World Women's Championships that will be commence this Saturday, 25th July till 3rd March in Las Vegas, USA. We wish Jasmine and her team mates Jezreel, Cherie, Bernice, Shayna and Geraldine strings of strikes at the tournament.

Stan challenges World Champion Jasmine Yeong-Nathan to a friendly game.

"The Living Room" is proud to be the first ever media to feature the much-fancied bowler and have the guts to roll off against the world champion. Pamela and I are always on the prowl for fresher ways of presenting our talkshow and we're literally trying to put ourselves where our mouths are. That would mean taking the show out on location, to have our interviewees in their 'natural' environment (we're not just talking chimpanzees!) and physically involving ourselves in what we talk about. The best ambassadors of any cause would be those who go beyond the 'talking' and get into the 'doing'.

We take The Living Room onsite to Singapore Polytechnic Graduates' Guild.

Jasmine has got a lot going for her and she's determined to compete for a long time to come. Up till now, I have evaded the need to provide you the scoreline when I rolled off against the world's top female bowler at the Singapore Polytechnic Graduates Guild Centre. I shall swallow my pride and have you know she thrashed me 194-138.

Had I been a world-class bowler, she would have without doubt upped the ante and added a hundred more points to her pinfall.

It's not far fetched; she trounced defending champion Ann-Maree Putney of Australia in straight sets with an almost perfect score of 298 to 215 at last year's World Cup in Mexico.

She didn't have to show me mercy. Thanks Jasmine for letting me keep some of my pride and for being game in accepting my proposal for a game.

Sportswoman of the Year, Jasmine Yeong-Nathan. What a gem of a girl!
Yes! We actually went to buy the glutionous rice balls with peanut and sesame fillings that Jasmine had recommended that would be in the vincinty of the polytechnic's campus. Mmm...
Her recommendation and ours:
Ah Balling Peanut Soup
(Blk 20, #01-43, Ghim Moh Market)

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