Friday, July 03, 2009

Recession Laughter Package

We had a minor heart attack today. It was 10am. Emma Yong, Hossan Leong & Najib Ali were nowhere in sight. Where are they??? *panic*

It turns out the PR folk and us had a miscommunication. I thought I had told them 10am and they thought it was 11am. Yes, one of those unfortunate boo-boos from too much rescheduling (due to H1N1 fears).

But thank God these wonderful actors were early (i.e. based on their 11am understanding) and so we managed to go ahead with our interview! *collapses in relief*

But in the meantime, Stan had to give an 8 min soliloquy on air - for which I will now give him a standing ovation! *applause*

Comedians on the Couch: SING! Dollar cast members Najib Ali, Hossan Leong, Emma Yong.

Emma, Hossan & Najib came down today to tell us more about Dream Academy's upcoming musical, that's all about money & the current recession, called SING! Dollar. The way I see it, there's no better time to laugh at ourselves than now, in the midst of this economic crisis!

And who better to make us laugh than this brilliant ensemble? Selena Tan (who's also scriptwriter), Pam Oei, Emma Yong, Hossan Leong, Lim Kay Siu, Sebastian Tan, Najib Ali & Kumar! Tell me, can you bring together a more power-packed bunch of local comedians than this?! The synergistic possibilities are astounding, and I already feel it in my bones that it's gonna to be a winner.

What happens when a cruise ship gambler, Tiger Beer aunty, retrenched banker, beef hor fun hawker, moonlighting maid, Chinese prostitute, Bangladeshi dishwasher & cleaning makcik find a bag of money in the midst of the recession?

Well, find out when SING! Dollar hits town, 23 July - 8 Aug @ Esplanade Theatre. Tickets available from Sistic. This is one 'stimulus package' that won't cost much, but will definitely lift your spirits (if not the economy)!

We had such a hilarious time guessing who plays which characters. The thing is, with this bunch of veterans, any one of them can play any one of the characters! And these loonies were confusing us with their repertoire of accents. Alamak, we give up lah!

It was a load of campy fun & boisterous banter all round on a Friday morning. It seriously made our earlier panic attack vanish! *poof* I can't wait to catch this musical!!!

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